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What is WristTribe?

WristTribe is a community-driven collection of 8,888 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

To apply for this special 'WristTribe' membership, you must own at least one wrist watch and prove it to us via the application form at the bottom. Not all watch owners will be able to join the Tribe. We have our ranking system where you collect points through tasks created to demonstrate that you deserve to be part of the WristTribe and enjoy the many benefits. As a WristTribe member, you will enjoy in your private and unique PFP and a lifetime friendship with 8,888 other members. But that's not all, you will also be able to get FREE tickets to Watch Events, Exhibitions, Fairs, Trade Shows, Private Parties, Exclusive Merch, Specialized Books, participate in closed auctions...and much much more that will come!

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An immortal soul is often one that is lost, floating in time without meaning or purpose. But what if their purpose was time? What if that being found meaning in the passage of time, and dedicated their life to documenting it?

This is what Adam thought when he first began to grow bored of the years passing by like days, decades like weeks, and centuries like years. What if I could capture time, display it, and even capture it in my hand? The man who knows time is all-powerful, and the man who controls time is even more so.




Free Tickets or Lowered prices on Watch Events like Baselworld, Dubai Watch Week, WatchTime NY, GPHG...


Access to Private & Exclusive Watch auctions!


Access to Private Parties All Around the World!


Free Watch Specialized Books!


Exclusive Merchandise!


January 1st

WristTribe head start!

January 1st
1st 100 applicants

1st 100 applicants

1st 100 applicants will be able to WIN 3 NFT arts! And all 100 applicants will be whitelisted for minting NFT!

250th applicant

250th applicant will automatically WIN one NFT Art! The first 100 applicants will get an extra 25 points toward their ranking!

250th applicant
500 applicants

500 applicants

Another random giveaway for 3 lucky watch lovers! All members get an extra 5 points toward their ranking!

1000th applicant

NFT giveaway to 5 lucky members + exclusive & unique merchandise! 100 lucky winners will get 5 extra points toward their ranking!

1000th applicant
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Brain of the operation & future watch collector of a stunning Patek Philippe watches.

Uncle J
Uncle J

Creator of Adam Wristy and big lover of Rolex watches.


Technical beast behind the project that wears iconic Illuminator Casio.


Master of the creatures when you start your imagination. She brings Adam to life! Don't ask her for daily wear!


'Ask me anything' girl. If she does not know the answer, you are at the wrong place. Cartier owner.


Regional manager at Phillips auction house and advisor at WristTribe. Owner of multiple 6-figure watches.

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1. Does every WristTribe member need to own a watch?
2. Do I need to own a high-end luxury watch to be part of the community?
3. Who can buy WristTribe NFT art?

Every WristTribe community member will be able to purchase/mint their first WristTribe NFT art, BUT whitelisted members will have the advantage of getting it first without any fear of missing the purchase.

4. What kind of advantage does whitelisted WristTribe members have?

Every whitelisted WristTribe member have a guarantee he will be able to purchase/mint at least one NFT art.
In case we have less than 8,888 whitelisted WristTribe members, the community will decide if whitelisted members should be the only who will be able to purchase/mint NFT art, or some NFT art should be available for public.

5. What is the initial minting price?

Initial minting price will be 0.088 ETH.

6. How many NFTs will be there?

There will be 8,888 NFT watch art.